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Rates & Insurance

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate

Initial Individual Session  $150

Individual Session $125 

Initial Couples Session $175

Couples Session $150 

Premarital Counseling- Assessment & 8 sessions for $800

Individual Session $90

Couples Session $115

Graduate Student Intern

Individual Session $30

Couples Session $50

Insurances Accepted

What to know about insurance



Although you are using insurance benefits, you may have a copay or coinsurance responsibility.  This fee is determined by your insurance company and cannot be changed by your provider.  The fee is due at time of service.  



All clients seeking help don't necessarily have a diagnosable mental health condition.  Unfortunately, to justify treatment, your insurance company will require a label or reason for being seen.  Your provider will have this conversation with you and help you understand the assigned diagnosis. 



All clients are entitled to their personal and health information being protected by the health insurance portability and accountability (HIPAA) act of 1996.  Your provider will do everything possible to keep your confidentiality.  However, when utilizing insurance, those companies have a right to request certain information needed for reimbursement.

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